Decentralized Fundraising Ecosystem

DAOX is a fundraising ecosystem and a platform that provides a complete solution for crowdfunding based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization.

How Does the Future of Fundraising Look Like

Startup is launching a fundraising campaign on the platform.


The campaign forms as an independent decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the Ethereum blockchain.


The funds are raised and securely stored in that organization.


During project development startup is requesting withdrawals and investors approve or decline these requests.

The Platform

The platform is an interface that allows interactions with DAOX-based fundraising organizations. Anyone can use the service without limitation and for free. However, only projects that have passed moderation will appear in the directory.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of kinds of projects that could raise funds using the DAOX platform.


Build a startup, incorporating and raising funds in a blockchain

Decentralized ICO

Run decentralized initial coin offering (DAICO), distribute your tokens

Round of investments

Raise a round of investments across the world


Get funds to produce and spread to the world your invention

Even a residential complex

Fundraise for the first residential complex being owned by token holders

And Without Borders

Create a global company without geographical boundaries

Featured Projects
Our Mission

DAOX utilizes the power of blockchain technology and the new cryptocurrency movement to radically improve the process of mass investment. We’ve developed an ecosystem in which anyone can raise funds or invest, without geographical or legal restrictions.

Which projects can start raising funds on the DAOX platform?

Anyone can create an organization on the DAOX platform. Nobody can constrain the use of DAOX contracts, because they are in the public domain of the Ethereum blockchain.

How does DAOX reduce investment risk?

In normal fundraising projects, the sponsors receive the full value of funds. In DAOX, investors and sponsors run an independent decentralized organization and distribute funds within it. The project team has the ability to request tranches that voting members can approve or reject. If investors deem that the team is unable to cope with the intended purpose, they can be fully refunded.

Is DAO better than the escrow?

In escrow, the adoption of decisions is centralized and the interests of some individuals may not always coincide with the interests of most investors. In DAOX, those who invest their own funds make the decisions.

What happens if someone gets more than 50% of all tokens?

Not a problem. DAOX rules only allows for withdrawals to the addresses that the project initiators provided, when creating a DAO. Therefore, having 51% ownership gives the initiator the right to approve the withdrawal of all of the funds to the team's addresses. However, this makes no sense, because if the purpose is to deceive other investors, the value of the tokens will fall and the majority owner will suffer the biggest losses.

Is it possible to return funds from a DAO?

Yes, every investor can submit a proposal to dissolve a DAO and if the majority votes in favor, the remaining funds will be divided among the owners of the tokens. Frozen tokens are not taken into consideration in this scenario.

Can tokens of DAOX organizations be traded on the exchanges?

Yes, all tokens correspond to the ERC20 standard. Thus, immediately after these tokens are released, they can be placed on exchanges or transferred.

What happens after the project is implemented?

Depending on the objectives of the project, the authors can distribute new tokens or start paying the dividends.

Should the project determine its spending plan in advance?

Not necessarily, the project can announce its spending plan and comply with it; however, project initiators can require a withdrawal of any amount from a DAO. If the request makes sense, investors will approve it. This kind of approach maintains project flexibility.

Does the DAOX charge a commission?

No, the source code for the DAOX contracts is open and anyone can use it at their own discretion. Right after the creation of a DAO, creators will get an address to transfer funds to directly. Although, if an investment occurs via the service, the commission amounts to 4%.

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