Create & Manage Fundraising DAOs

Daox is a solution that lets startups and investors form decentralized autonomous organizations which serve as advanced intermediaries.

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We take ICOs & crowdfunding to the next level of evolution

We provide a solution that lets investors and projects form independent DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each DAO becomes a part of the ecosystem that consists of investors, projects and third party services.

How it Works

Entrepreneurs are launching fundraising campaigns via the Daox Platform.

Each campaign forms as an independent fundraising DAO on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each DAO is managed by token-holders. Tokens are transferred in exchange for funds.

Meet the Daox Ecosystem

Each fundraising DAO becomes a part of the global Daox Investment Ecosystem. The Daox Ecosystem is completely open and autonomous.

It consists of investors, startups, DAOs and third-party services. Third-party software developers and service providers are integrating their services and tools for startups and investors, fueling the process of continuous improvement.

More about the Daox Ecosystem
Why Fundraising DAOs will Revolutionize Investing?

DAOs play the role of advanced intermediaries between startups and its investors providing a leap forward in the efficiency of investing and raising funds.

Here is a comparison of Fundraising DAOs vs other forms of investing.

The Daox Platform

The Daox platform is a simple and user-friendly interface that allows for the interaction with the Daox ecosystem, including creation of DAOs. The platform is already operating.

Daox is Solving Major Problems of ICOs and Crowdfunding

Here are some of the issues related to ICOs, crowdfunding, and investments sphere, that are solved by Daox today. Each step of the development of the independent Daox ecosystem will enlarge this list, making Daox-based entities the smartest fundraising tool ever.

Complexity of tech

Crowdfunding with cryptocurrencies requires special software or engagement of engineers.


The number of projects that turn out to be scam is increasing in the ICO sphere.

Expensive Legal Support

For small-scale crowdfunding campaigns legal services cost too much.


Project initiators has no incentive to keep their investors updated with their progress.


Average entrepreneurs are stuck choosing the right advertising services.


The process of attracting investments requires a lot of work that does no good for the product itself.


Some startups might be spending raised funds on something other than the development of the project.


Non-blockchain and non-tech startups very rarely raise funds using the ICO model.


Many crowdfunded startups fail to deliver the product, not providing return of the remaining funds.


When the startup team receive all the funds at once their motivation could drop dramatically.


The lack of transparency opens up many ways of conducting fraudulent activity.


Services and tools being integrated in the Daox ecosystem are solving more issues and raising efficiency.

Daox Architecture
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Independent fundraising organizations that reside on the Ethereum blockchain, created using the Daox DApp.

Daox DApp

A modular Solidity framework on the Ethereum blockchain that enables DAOs to be easily deployed.

Daox Platform

A user-friendly interface for the Daox ecosystem, used for creation and management of DAOs established with the Daox DApp.

Daox Open API

A protocol that enables integration into the Daox ecosystem, Daox Platform and the DXC token.

DXC Token

An Ethereum-based token that enables interaction of third-party services and DAOs.

Services and Tools

Third-party services and tools that are integrated into the Daox ecosystem.

Each DAO is modular

Daox-based Fundraising DAO’s architecture is modular. Modules are made by Daox core team and third-party developers. Modules are like building blocks that could be added to a DAO, expanding its functionality. Moreover each Daox-based DAO has a functionality to add or remove modules via the voting process of participants.

The DXC Token is the cryptocurrency for the Daox ecosystem

The DXC token enables all the interactions in the Daox ecosystem. DXC has a built-in functionality to be easily integrated in third-party services. From a legal standpoint the DXC is a utility token.

Uses of the DXC Token

The main application of the DXC token is that it enables interaction between the elements of the Daox ecosystem. But at the same time, the DXC token is used in a number of other activities.

Interactions in the Daox ecosystem

On the one hand there are users (project authors and investors) in the Daox ecosystem. On the other hand, there are additional features developers and service providers. The DXC token allows for the financial interaction between the parties, thus constituting the core of the system’s sustainability.

Project promotion on

The platform offers multiple tools for the promotion of crowdfunding campaigns, for example, featuring on the home page, mailing lists, and banner advertising. DXC tokens are used to pay for the advertising services that the platform provides.

Daox platform fees

When creating a DAO using the Daox platform, no additional fees are charged and project authors get the Ethereum address of their independent organization. However, if the investor comes from the source, then a commission assessed at 4% of the amount of transfer is charged. DXC tokens are used to pay for that commission.

Ethereum transaction fees

For an organization that has been created on the platform to be published on the Ethereum blockchain network, a technical fee should be paid. DXC tokens are used to pay for that fee.

Why buy DXC Tokens?

Besides the obvious benefits, each DXC token-holder has the right to vote for the future project development. So, either Daox will meet expectations of the DXC buyers, or they would be able to vote for the return of the remaining funds.


During the TGE a total amount of 300 million DXC tokens will be released. The token’s code excludes the ability of increasing its count.


The DXC token is used to launch and promote fundraising campaigns for innovative projects and promising startups.


With new services, tools and funding campaigns in the Daox ecosystem, the opportunities for using the DXC token constantly expand.


The DXC token is the main tool for interaction in the ecosystem that drives innovations to the investment sphere.


The DXC token is integrated to the Daox Wallet app that serves as a tool to make the participation in ICOs mainstream.


The token meets the ERC20 standard, which means that right after its launch it can be transmitted among Ethereum users.

Token Sale Details

In accordance with the concept and ideas of fair crowdfunding that is being proposed by the Daox project itself, the total amount of cryptocurrency raised during the token sale will be stored in a decentralized autonomous organization, established on the platform.

Consequently, DXC token holders will be able to control expenditures, hence their risks will be almost entirely eliminated. If the majority of DXC token holders are not happy with the way the Daox project unfolds, they can vote for a full refund of the remaining proceeds.

Pre-ICOJune 1 — June 30
Main saleJuly 1 — August 31
Main sale price1 DXC = 0.20 USD
Soft Cap4,5M USD
Hard Cap300M DXC
Max supply300M DXC
Delivery dateImmediately after purchase
Token Distribution Structure
Use of Proceeds
Marketing and user acquisition
Legal support
Staff and other company expenses
Reserve Fund
May 2017
Research and planning of Daox
June 2017
The Daox Proof of Concept
September 2017
Start of the development of the Daox Platform
October 2017
Alpha version of the Daox Platform
December 2017
Beta version of Daox DApp on the Ethereum blockchain
March 2018
Release of the Daox Platform
April 2018
Opening the Private Token Sale
May 2018
Release of the Daox DApp
May 2018
The first crowdfunding campaign is launched on the platform
June 2018
Opening the DXC token presale
July 2018
Public sale of the DXC token
September 2018
Launch of the Integrated Affiliate Network
September 2018
First listings of the DXC token on exchanges
Ocotber 2018
Launch of the Know Your Client service on the platform
October 2018
Launch of the Daox Open API
December 2018
Launch of the Fundraising Services Network
February 2019
Launch of the Automated Legal Service — an AI-powered legal assistant
March 2019
Beta launch of the Daox Wallet app
April 2019
Start of the yearly hackathon series
September 2019
Launch of the Daox Accelerator for startups
Q1 2020
Release of the Daox Wallet app
Q2 2020
Release of the Daox Exchange
Team and Advisers
Oleg Gaidul
Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Spacemind Capital, EnventVR, AD1, and other successful startups with a yearly turnover of more than $50M. Tech visionary and a fan of decentralization. Besides of more than 12 years of managing experience, he is also a tech guy and a former software developer. Master’s degree in management.

Jordan Pool
Media Director

Jordan brings a lengthy background in live television, digital media production and creative marketing to the team. He understands the importance of digital media marketing and is excited to creatively communicate the value and vision of Daox to the world.

Alex Shevlyakov
Product Lead

More than 12 years of experience in developing tech products. Formerly a product lead for dozens of products each with excellent quality. Passionate about perfect design and usability. Master’s degree in computer science.

Anton Vityazev
Tech Lead

More than 5 years in web development. High-load and complex systems architect. Blockchain expert. Master's degree in cybersecurity.

Kirill Bulgakov
Smart Contracts Developer

Backend and smart contracts developer, inspired by dApps and blockchain technology. Natural language processing researcher and ML developer in the past.

Oleg Adamov
Mobile Developer

Experienced mobile engineer. With more than 10 years in programming. Participated in the development of a product with a multi-million user base. Mathematics degree.

Kevin Kimick
Marketing Strategist

Serial entrepreneur, growth marketer and digital strategist. CEO and co-founder of SOHO Digital — a company that builds custom software (including blockchain development), designs & builds premium websites, strategizes growth marketing plans, and provides marketing analytics and automation services. Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Nina Mikhailenko
Community Manager

Work experience as a project coordinator, community manager and translator at different conferences and workshops. Master’s Degree in Linguistics, study program in the University of Tromsø, Fulbright program in the USA.

Gleb Plotnikov
UI/UX Designer

Founder of Yutani (a Belarus-based design firm). More than 10-years experience in design and UX. Have developed UI/UX for hundreds of amazing projects, including well-known brands.

Elena Novozhilova
Key Partnership Manager

During the last 8 years, Elena held executive positions in e-commerce and advertising companies worldwide. Elena is responsible for partnership development and business event management at Daox. Master's degree in management.

Keith Teare

Executive Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures. A leading figure past and present in many important companies including Archimedes Labs, Minds and Machines Inc, MedCo, EasyNet and RealNames to name just a small few, Keith is also one of the co-founders of Techcrunch.

George Kimionis

Serial entrepreneur and investor with multiple founded companies and multiple exits. More than 15 years of working experience in Fintech and Banking. CEO of Coinomi, the industry's leading multi-asset wallet with native support for more than 500 assets and millions of users. CEO of Cryptean. Crypto-currencies enthusiast. Special Forces Veteran. Strong technical background. Early adopter and contributor in Bitcoin and other open source projects.

Andrea Brignone

Andrea has a vast experience in financial markets and cyber security. He is an author of almost 200 articles on finance and computer science. During his career, Andrea co-founded noticeable companies and cometees: European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA), Milipol, Protexarms Group. He is also a former chairman of Special Interest Group for Information Security of the European Community.

Mihai Milea

Over 10 years of experience in global Forex & CFD brokerages, holding various strategic positions in Technology and Digital Marketing. Directly involved in the delivery of innovative projects within the brokerage space and achieving a positive ROI. Expert in mining cryptocurrencies and an avid crypto investor. Msc in Cyber Security.

Kyle Asman

Kyle has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance, banking, regulatory consulting space, and most recently, developed complex international tax structures in the tax advisory space. Kyle has held investment banking regulatory consulting and transfer pricing roles at Liquidity Energy, Duff and Phelps, and Ryan LLC, a global tax firm. He is also a VC investor in multiple startups and co-founder of Bx3 Consulting.

Dr. Walter Tonetto

Technopreneur and ASEAN expert. Visiting Professor for the Univ of Tokyo & Waseda. Co-Founder of Network of Captains of Industry in Indonesia and SE Asia. President SE Asia of Finteix Pte. Singapore. Chief Strategist for Indigen. Advisor to the CCEG, The University of Northampton. Co-Founder of Snapfood.

The Daox White Paper

The document thoroughly describes all the elements of the Daox, the concept of the ecosystem, design solutions, the project’s current state, rationale behind the utilized technologies and source code review.

Download White PaperEnglish, 4.6 MB
Market Analysis

In the year 2017, the volume of venture capital investment in Europe, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan and the USA amounted approximately to 161 billion US dollars. The crowdfunding market is estimated at $50 billion (excluding p2p lending). Around $6.7 billion was raised by means of ICOs.

Venture capital investment market according to Dow Jones
Crowdfunding market according to TechNavio excluding p2p lending
Forecast for the ICO market in 2018

ICOs are notable for the biggest rate of growth: in comparison with the year 2016, the amount of funds raised by means of this tool has increased twenty-fold. What is more, 2018 is expected to see almost three-fold growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can raise funds using Daox?

Daox is a completely open ecosystem, therefore neither developers of the Daox platform, nor any third parties can restrain the use of it.

How do I know the funds are safe?

First of all, each DAO created using Daox is completely independent and resides on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, neither the team of Daox developers nor any third parties have access to the collected funds that are stored in DAOs. Thirdly, the source code of Daox is open and we provide its detailed description.

Why do you need blockchain in your project?

The concept of a decentralized autonomous organization is only applicable using blockchain technology. Blockchain is also needed to allow the use of cryptocurrencies. There is also a detailed explanation of how we use blockchain and why do we need it in our white paper (cf. 2.1).

Why do you need your own DXC token? Why can’t you use ether instead?

First of all, Daox-based DAOs are supposed to raise funds in ether, not in DXCs. The DXC token is needed to allow for the interactions in the ecosystem as it provides necessary functionality that can’t be implemented using ether (e.g. deposits).

When will the DXC token be listed on exchanges?

The DXC token is ERC20 compatible, therefore it could be listed on many exchanges. We The actual dates of such events will be announced in our Telegram chat and other social networks.

What will happen with the unsold DXC tokens?

All the unsold DXC tokens will be burnt.

Should the project determine its spending plan in advance?

Not necessarily, the project can announce its spending plan and comply with it; however, project initiators can require a withdrawal of any amount from a DAO. If the request makes sense, investors will approve it. This kind of approach maintains the project’s flexibility.

Is it possible to return funds from a DAO?

Every token holder can submit a proposal for activating the refund mode. Such a proposal should be approved by 90% of the tokens, excluding the number of tokens distributed to the team when the DAO was created.

How does the application of a DAO reduce investment risk?

All the proceeds raised and stored following the principles of Daox are protected from misuse and unauthorized withdrawal. The finances are securely stored in Ethereum smart contracts and could only be used on project development. Therefore, scams and any other fraudulent activity are almost completely eliminated.

Why is DAO better than escrow?

In escrow, the adoption of decisions is centralized and the interests of some individuals may not always coincide with the interests of most investors.

What happens if someone gets more than 50% of all tokens of a DAO?

Not a problem. Daox-based DAOs only allow for withdrawals to the addresses of project initiators. Therefore, having 51% ownership gives enough power to approve any proposal to the team's addresses.

If we create a DAO using Daox, will we be able to issue our own tokens?

Sure. Each time a DAO is created using the Daox solution, separate ERC20 compatible tokens are created too. Besides the ERC20 and Daox functionality it is also available to add any custom functions.

Does Daox charge a commission?

No commission is charged when using Daox or during the crowdfunding campaign via DAOs created using Daox. Commission is only charged when an investor comes from the catalogue. But it is possible to opt out from being listed in it.

Where is your company based?

Our company is being incorporated in Dubai. But we also have offices in Spain and Russia.

Limited Pre-ICO

The DXC token enables all the interactions in the Daox ecosystem. DXC has a built-in functionality to be easily integrated in third-party services. From a legal standpoint the DXC is a utility token.

Be visionary. Enter your email to reserve a guaranteed access to the limited Pre-ICO stage.

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